Nutrition and Crop Defences


The history of the Castaldo Group has been based, over the years, on technical and commercial collaboration with the most prestigious and advanced companies in the phytosanitary sector. The constant interest in this category of products has seen the company promote and distribute up-to-date over 1500 different molecules. There are numerous products that, thanks to the Castaldo Group’s commitment, have recorded great technical and commercial results.

Fertilizers, Soil Improvers, Correctives

Since the beginning of the activity, the marketing and distribution of plant nutrition products has represented the core business of the Castaldo group. The element of success of this activity is to be found in the constant research and development of innovative and technologically advanced products that satisfy the growing and specific demand of modern and specialized agriculture. It is for this reason and to be able to express at best the love for the land and the environment that the Castaldo group has constantly directed its commitment to the distribution of products with low environmental impact, which, in addition to offering very high technical performances, allow all participants in the supply chain to actively act to safeguard the ecosystem.

Organic farming

This is the sector in which the Castaldo group is investing more. Developing partnerships with highly specialized manufacturing companies and constant technical updating have made them frontrunners in the continued development of the sector. The work, the commitment to experimentation and the continuous exchange of information with the most important research institutes and, today, allows the Castaldo group to present on the market products with a very high level of efficacy and safety.

Livestock sector

The interest in animal nutrition has always been an important business element for Castaldo.
The Castaldo Group is being developed towards new partnerships that widen interest in the sector.
Among the products under development there are also those useful for the protection and care of animals and the disinfection of housing and shelter.

Protected Crops


The active collaboration with experienced operators in the sector has expanded in recent years the horizon of interest of the Castaldo group for the protected crops sector. The design and construction of iron-glass and iron-plastic roof systems made in partnership with national and foreign companies with extensive experience and widely recognized at international level.


The technology supplied with the roof systems is designed to meet the most sophisticated and modern requirements of the end user, always realised in compliance with the laws and safety regulations in force. The companies that the Castaldo group has selected for this type of collaboration are internationally renowned and chosen among the most advanced and reliable that the sector can offer. The design and construction of plant equipment ranges from climate and fertigation computers, to heating and cooling equipment and that used for water treatment by ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and UV lamps


The Castaldo group has followed all the technological evolution of plastic materials for the roofing of the greenhouse equipment. The distribution of products attributable to important brands in the sector and the experience gained in the field combine in the know-how that even today the Castaldo goup makes available to the end user, offering technologically and qualitatively efficient solutions.

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