The ideal partner

Castaldo is the ideal partner for the distribution in Italy of products for agriculture and industry. The company has more than 140 years of activity in the sector.

Collaboration with the most prestigious international and inter-continental companies, such as SIR, Montedison Spa, SNIA Viscosa Spa, Cerestar Italia, Monsanto, Cremonini Group, AiMCO India, Uniroyal / CromptonChemical / Chemtura, Dupont, Barclay and many other multinational companies which are still partners.

The experience and knowledge of the market allows the Castaldo group to offer its partners accurate market surveys, technical and commercial promotions of the products, up to their widespread distribution.

The company has the most advanced systems and logistic supports spread throughout the Italian territory.

Why rely on us

Knowledge of the market

Knowledge of the market and its evolution over time have become the heritage of Castaldo (of the company). They are exploited by the members of the team in a synergistic and structured way, helping to ensure the achievement of the most coveted technical and commercial successes.

Technical updates

We are constantly updating our technology. Our collaboration with numerous universities, national and international research centres allows the correct positioning of products and guarantee their commercial success.

Analysis, Experimentation and Innovation

Castaldo is in exclusive collaboration with several avant-garde analysis laboratories equipped with the most sophisticated research systems and capable of carrying out analyses on samples of each product category, all regularly certified and accredited by MIPAAF.


Castaldo has been on the market in a stable and solid manner for over a century.
The company can boast 150 years’ activity in the sector and collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the international and intercontinental scene.

Partners who have given us confidence

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